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Laulaja:  La Dispute

This song is about the tragic incident that occurred on August 1, 2007, on the I-35W when the Mississippi River bridge collapsed at the rush hour, causing 13 dead and 145 injured.

Written By Brad Vander Lugt , Adam Vass , Kevin Whittemore
Release Date March 18, 2014

Drivers out on the bridge
Slowing down as they go through a lane shift
Wires snap
Concrete gives
Metal twisting and
Everything tumbling

At the end of the work day
Stuck in traffic don’t feel when the road sways
Concrete gives
Metal twisting and
Everything tumbling

To their partners and kids
Don’t suspect anything till the bridge splits
Wires snap
Concrete gives
Metal twisting and
Everything tumbling

Where I sat I saw brake lights flash
And I pictured them: all the people, their faces in free fall, the water beneath
I pushed my palms against the table hard to see if it hurt
Were it glass would I have shattered it?
Could I battle every impulse to panic and then win
Swim out through the metal twisting upward like a sculpture
Or some terrible beast?

People trapped in their cars
Put both feet on the glass and then kick hard
Water pours in
Seatbelts twist
River flowing and
Everything going down

People under the water line
Workers sift through the wreckage of it find
Seatbelts stuck
Water fills up
River flowing and
Everything going downstream

On the dining room wall I watched it
Play in the reflection of the television
The reversal in the mirror hung I could see it all
How the dust clouds gather color as they billow out
Shades change shifting in the night
From the lights atop an ambulance
Like a firework’s flash then that otherworldly glow
In the smoke thrown in the aftermath blows
Almost frozen for a moment there
I could see it all

Dust cloud
Shattered glass
Billow out
On the TV
Wires snap and the
Concrete gives
Metal twists up and onward
I can see it all
Dust cloud
Shattered glass
Billow out
On the TV
Wires snap and the
Concrete gives in
Metal twists up and onward I watch
And I can see it all

All the wreckage
All the cars piled
In the river and
The rail yard
Metal twists
Wires snap
Concrete blocks split
Dangle from tie rods
And metal twists up
Wires sway
When a breeze blows
In the distant
Sirens glow
I can see it all
Where they look for survivors
Searchlights float
Change the color of smoke clouds
And shadows still fall
People under the water
People trapped in their cars kick and try to get out
People still with their seat belts on
Pets they had in the back and
Car seats

And I watch it on TV lying down here
On the floor in the dining room reversed in the mirror
Where I know I’m not dreaming now
But I know I’ve been sleeping
I just don’t know since when
I only know that it’s light outside
I only know that the rent is still late
When did they find out the concrete gave?
When did they learn that the wires snapped?

Valmistettu:Will Yip
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9.1/10 (Ääntä: 2791)
Tunnisteet: Rock 
Rooms of the House

Rooms of the House


Rooms of the House is the third studio album by American post-hardcore band La Dispute, released on March 18, 2014 through their own label Better Living.

The structure of the album is lyrically quite complex at first sight. The protagonist is a man who travels with his memory through the relationship with his loved one from the beginning to the end of it, but there are also three songs (those with capitalised titles) that recount memories of events happened to people from the past. “Historical fiction” songs (as they were described by Jordan Dreyer, the band’s singer and lyricist) that kind of deal with the histories of Dreyer’s ancestors and draw inspiration from the events that occurred to them.

Dreyer had to say about the record: “it’s a record about moving on – or if not moving on, learning to re-appropriate these things and incorporate your past into your present and then into your future, instead of just completely throwing it away or always being at odds with it.”

Producers Will Yip
Writers Adam Vass
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Julkaisi: 2014

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