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Yes I Am

Yes I Am

Laulaja:  Eddie Mo

They be tellin me EMO yo dont quit ya day job
Maybe its my lame rhymes or lines about a great god
Who showed grace huh maybe be fake guy
Rap about what i ain't nah i seen 8 mile
Like 8 times 5 times plus 2 carry the 1
Thats a front dude cuz most fools ain't carrying guns
Gods enough i drop the blunt like drop a bunt
Down the third base temptation lurks everyday i try not to flirt

YOU been thru the fire n floods probably go thru so mo
I know these trials they suck but yo keep pressin on
Cash flows low ain't living in a pleasant home
Feeling like peasant homes singing these depressive songs
Bad man times thats where we be getting strong
Find a local church that going walk with you and keep you firm
So you dont be slipping up you know like that pee wee herm
God has forgiven us but watch out for them tv show

I know you as a listener need you sittin up
And listen to what im giving out guess im spittin up
I know times is rough and tough
Sometimes time just enough other times times is up
Feeling you gotta jump wit not where land o
Waiting for some magic like you playin fo orlando
But God got a plan fo ya life you can't plan f
The trials may be painful pockets say ya dead broke
God is faihful you goin you gain growth

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